How it Works

Life for Flight is an organization born out of a heart to help children in dire need.  After being introduced to the first family and hearing their story, the need was realized.  How could we start a unique organization that would start a fire in the hearts of others to help these families?  Further, how could we create an organization that would uniquely foster hope in the hearts of the children themselves?  Not only did we want to raise support for the children, but also raise the hope and courage for them to keep fighting for life.  This is where Life for Flight was born.  A small seed of an idea was planted: we would use the unique experience of flight to accomplish these goals to help children with life threatening illnesses.  The process is simple:

1. After being introduced to a family and their story, we set a goal for that family based on their need.

2. We spread the word about their story to raise support and hope for that child.  The race then begins to meet the support goal we set for that family.  Donations are raised to meet that goal, and send the child on their once-in-a-lifetime flight in a helicopter.

3. Once their support goal is met, an event date is set to present the family with the donated funds and the child with their own ride in a helicopter.


How to Donate & Join the Fight

1. DONATE ONLINE: Go to the child's donation page to read their story.  Click on the Donate button to donate via Paypal with a Paypal account or a Credit/Debit card.  ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE FAMILY.

2. DONATE WITH A CHECK: Send a check payable directly to the family.  (See details at the bottom of their story/donation page) Mail the check to: Life for Flight   PO Box 64756   Lubbock, TX 79464

Urgent Donations
Help Trevor Fight Cancer!

Trevor was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January of 2008.  He was 2 years old at the time.  At…

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